5G version of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip folding screen smartphone still expected to go on sale later this year

Despite the difficulties of the first generation of Galaxy Folds in exploring flat-panel folding-screen smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip flip-top folding smartphone, released earlier this year along with the Galaxy S20 series of “Three Swordsmen”, caught more attention. Media reviews show that there is a high level of satisfaction with the Galaxy Z Flip. Unfortunately, perhaps for battery life and cost control, the machine does not support a 5G network.

5G version of Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip folding screen smartphone still expected to go on sale later this year

A new report from SamMobile says Samsung will add some natural iterations to the next version of the Galaxy Z Flip, such as the much-anticipated 5G network support.

The report doesn’t reveal much detail, but it does point out that Samsung has been developing a 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip, which is expected to be available as early as 2020.

It is not known whether the new machine supports bands below 5G mmWave and below 6GHz. After all, 5G mmwave is not supported on the entry-level Galaxy S20 model, and the S20 Plus and Ultra models do.

Think back to a speech by Samsung executive Drew Blackard at a recent Unpacked launch, and you know that 5G will be Samsung Mobile’s main vision for the next decade.

The company claims to have designed a new 5G chipset that is smaller, more affordable and power-efficient, and that 5G will revolutionise the way people communicate, play, and connect with the world around them.

Given that the Galaxy Z Flip was released in February, the next model should traditionally be released after December, but the company is not without the possibility of releasing a 5G version in advance.