“Shang Qi” New Cass: Malaysian Chinese comedian Qian Xinyi

Malaysian Chinese-American comedian and well-known talk-show comedian Ronny Chieng will join Marvel’s first Asian superhero, “Still!”, according tomedia reports. And the contract was signed before the suspension (the impact of the new crown outbreak), the specific role has not been disclosed.

Qian Xinyi is a Malaysian-born Chinese-born Chinese who grew up in Singapore and New Hampshire. In 2005, he came to Australia alone to study at university. He is currently a member of the famous Us talk show The Daily Show and is a commentator and reporter for the Treva Show. Chinese culture and Chinese concept are important elements of his paragraph.

At present, there is no clue as to who Qian Xinyi will play in “Shang Qi” or what scenes he has filmed.

“Shang Qi” will be released in North America on New Year’s Day, 2021, Canadian-Chinese Liu Simu will play the main character “Shang Qi”, Liang Chaowei played “Full Man”, “Golden Edge” female owner Okafina joined.