Tesla’s new battery launch in mid-April, New Zeus says continued supply is “not a problem”

On April 8th the former Executive of Maxwell, acquired by Tesla, revealed that Tesla may be pushing Maxwell’s dry electrode technology at Tesla’s Battery Day in mid-April to increase energy density and range while reducing battery costs. The former executive also said it was “not a problem” that the new Zeus, Maxwell’s longtime partner, would continue to supply Tesla.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly stressed that battery capacity is a major constraint on the company’s electric vehicle capacity, and now Tesla has established its first pilot battery production line at its Fremont plant, which we believe will test maxwell battery technology and production equipment production at hibarSystem, the battery line manufacturer.

Tesla Battery Day was previously expected to be released in April, and for now, the launch has not been delayed by the outbreak, when we will learn about its new battery technology and plans for future capacity.