Scared on the spot? U.S. police misuse ‘Human Clearance Program’ alert to draw complaints

On April 8,media reported that police in Crowley, Louisiana, had mistakenly used the warning from the horror series “Human Cleanup Plan” when they issued a curfew signal to local residents, and received a flood of complaints about the shocking sound of the human clean-up program announcing the start of the “Human Cleanup Program”: one day a year, the U.S. government allowed people to kill freely.

Scared on the spot? U.S. police misuse 'Human Clearance Program' alert to draw complaints

Human Clearance Plan

In recent days, due to the new crown outbreak, Crowley police need to drive around the night patrol and sound the signal, telling residents from 9 pm to 6 am to implement the new crown period curfew. But it was discovered that they used alerts from the Human Clearance Program to signal.

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard has since issued a statement apologizing, saying he did not know the sound was an alert to the Human Clearance Program and would not be used again in the future.

Crolly is located in Arcadia County Sheriff K.P. Gibson also issued a statement saying it had nothing to do with the matter and that they would not use any “alerts” on similar matters. Residents want to call the incident again, and should call the Crowley Police Department and Broussard directly, not the county sheriff’s office, he said.

Media said Universal Pictures, the author of the Human Clean-up Program, was not involved in the incident.