Alipay: Blockchain technology is fully applied to Tmall single’s day for the first time

On November 12th, the 2019 Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival final deal was rated at 268.4 billion. Alipay OceanBase has a peak of 61 million processing sessions per second; Alipay blockchain technology is being fully applied to the Tmall Double 11 for the first time. In addition this year Tmall double 11, from loan stock to installment selling, digital financial instruments permeated all aspects of business operations.

Alipay: Blockchain technology is fully applied to Tmall Double 11 for the first time

In order to stock up, Alipay said that between August and early November, 3 million merchants received $300 billion in financial support from Net-a-Porter Bank. In order to better meet consumer demand, Tmall double 11 period, more than 8 million goods opened the flower installment interest-free, the maximum interest-free period reached 24. Data show that the use of online merchant loans merchants than the non-use of business sales growth rate of at least 50%. During the Tmall Double 11 period, the average sales volume increased by more than 90% year-on-year.

Alipay: Blockchain technology is fully applied to Tmall Double 11 for the first time

“We have always emphasized domestic demand, science and technology, globalization, from the scientific and technological level to do enough this year. “Ant Gold Service Chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong said the same day, in addition to the online business bank to help everyone in advance stock, this year is not the same place, “our shop support flower” has become a buzzword, digital finance to enhance sales, the promotion of the entire consumption, has been a real verification.

This year, more than 400 million cross-border goods have been added to blockchain “ID cards”, 2.7 times more than last year. Blockchain certificate technology is used for the first time to protect the “seller show”, 5 million goods image copyright 1 second registration in the chain, effectively prevent other platform merchants from misappropriation, infringement. Blockchain technology’s solutions in supply chain finance have helped 30,000 Tidos double 11 micromerchants obtain supply chain loans.

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