Bill Gates: U.S. may not be free from new corona virus until next fall

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in an interview On Tuesday that Americans may not be “completely safe” until the fall of 2021 and will not be affected by the new virus. That’s because, according to researchers working on the development of the therapy, it will take more than a year to develop and deploy the vaccine.

Bill Gates: U.S. may not be free from new corona virus until next fall

“Vaccines are critical because things don’t really get back to normal until there’s a vaccine. Gates said. ” (The economy) can be reopened to some extent, but there is always a risk of a rebound until it is widely vaccinated.” “

In response to the social distance policy, which helps reduce the number of new coronavirus cases, Gates explained, the goal of the measure is to reduce the number to the level where “contact tracing” can be carried out to closely monitor people who have been in close contact with infected people in order to maintain the necessary isolation. Gates suggests that people look at China to see what life will look like in the US in six to 12 months: “They’re back to work, but people wear masks, check their body temperature, they don’t have big sporting events, so they don’t bounce back.” “

One possibility is that gatherings may be allowed, depending on the age of the participants. “There are 30 young people in a classroom who may just be well, and we’ll be learning about the role of young people in spreading the disease in the next month or so,” Mr Gates said. Their role in spreading disease may be so limited that youth gatherings are much more free than general assembly. But he stressed that large-scale public gatherings “may not resume until they are widely vaccinated”.

Mr Gates also said Sweden did not have a “massive blockade” and its experience could be learned.

Gates has been working with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington’s Center for Global Health Research to learn more about “which countries and policies seem to work.”