(Pictured) Mozilla welcomes new helmsman Mitchell Baker to start new era

In August last year, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard announced that he would step down by the end of 2019, and today Mozilla today announced that it has elected Mitchell Baker, the company’s permanent female director, as its new chief executive, replacing Chris Beard.

(Pictured) Mozilla welcomes new helmsman Mitchell Baker to start new era

Mitchell Baker on the left

Mozilla has undergone a very large internal restructuring and turnover since 2003, but Baker has demonstrated strong leadership in the process. In a blog post published today, she recognizes the many challenges facing the company’s future, and says

This is a challenging time, there is no doubt about that. Mozilla’s flagship products are still excellent, but competitive. The increasing vertical integration of the Internet experience remains a deep challenge. This is also an era of need, but also an era of opportunity.

Baker has been interim CEO since Beard officially left in December. In a blog post announcing Baker’s official new title, the board of directors, of course, recognized the need for someone with her unique mix of skills and experience to guide the company through the next phase.

Beard says

Mitchell’s deep understanding of Mozilla’s existing business has enabled her to provide direction and support to drive this important work forward, and her leadership style is based on openness and openness, helping the company weather the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings to Mozilla at work and at home.