Nintendo says Switch won’t cut prices soon

Since its launch in 2017, Nintendo has gained a legion of fans with Switch and has gained a unique edge in its competition with Microsoft and Sony – a lot of first-party games and fun games. As the 2019 Christmas holidays get close, consumers are also eagerly awaiting discounts on popular Switch consoles. The latest, however, is that we may not be able to buy a more affordable Switch any time soon.

Nintendo says Switch won't cut prices soon

(From: Nintendo, via BGR)

‘Switch won’t adjust the price any time soon, ‘ Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said during a question-and-answer session. In other words, the company will maintain the current Switch price for as long as possible.

Future capacity may affect the company’s profitability, so it is not possible to estimate any exact cost decline at this time. We want to increase Switch’s profitability by increasing sales and maintaining current pricing as much as possible.

This is bad news for those looking forward to “picking up the bargain” during the holiday shopping season. But we are not surprised by such a sales strategy.

Nintendo says Switch won't cut prices soon

This year’s Christmas does not give gifts, buy a high price Switch is better than the family to go to the zoo.

After all, a generation of hosts usually has up to five years of service, and Switch is only two years old. It remains to be seen how Switch and Switch Lite will perform over the next three years.

Finally, Mr. Tanaka said earlier this year that the company would continue to deliver exciting game content. So for some time to come, there’s no need to worry that Switch’s heat will subside any time soon.

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