Rakuten Mobile, Japan official full-scale commercial 4G services

Japan’s Rakuten Mobile yesterday officially announced the launch of its 4G mobile service in full commercial use,media reported. For weeks, the company has been warming up with an unlimited data plan of 2,980 yen ($28) a month. The plan includes unlimited data within its own network area, as well as a 2GB roaming data limit on its partner network.

但是眼下,出于应对疫情的考虑,Rakuten Mobile将合作伙伴的漫游数据上限提到到了5GB/月。该公司表示,它希望帮助那些被迫在家工作和学习的客户。在其客户消耗完5GB的漫游数据流量后,Rakuten Mobile将把这些合作伙伴区域的最高传输速度从128 Kbps提升至1 Mbps。

Rakuten Mobile, Japan official full-scale commercial 4G services

“Today is a very special day for me, our employees and colleagues,” Tareq Amin, Chief Technology Officer at Rakuten Mobile, said on his LinkedIn. Today, Rakuten Mobile is fully commercialinated in Japan, launching the Rakuten UN-LIMITED 2.0 package program. The journey, which began in June 2018, comes with a dream and the idea of building the world’s first virtualized, highly secure, open cloud connectivity platform. Welcome to the future! “

Rakuten Mobile has created the world’s first fully virtualized wireless network, setting off a wave in the wireless world. The company is continuing its network construction and plans to nearly double the number of base stations by March 2021. The company plans to transition its network to 5G as soon as possible.

Rakuten Mobile has partnered with many vendors to build networks. Tareq Amin recently told the media that Rakuten Mobile oversees all its network software and acts as its own system integrator. “We only do operations to support the contract. We are in control of our own destiny. To take control of everything, he says, “I personally went into detailed micromanagement because I knew that if we didn’t act as system integrators, we would never be able to do that.” We must ensure and convince all of these competitorvendors to collaborate and work together to integrate in our labs. “

Rakuten Mobile, Japan official full-scale commercial 4G services

Asked about the lessons learned from the past network ingenuity, Tareq Amin said: “We’ve had some setbacks, but not in the most challenging areas I think we’re going to face.” I thought RAN would be the most complex. But of all the challenges I face, I think RAN is only 10 per cent and the rest is 90 per cent. “

It is these little things that cause some of the biggest problems. For example, making decisions and billing with the new BSS/OSS system is a challenge. Tareq Amin said Rakuten Mobile plans to buy a BSS/OSS start-up with which it works with and will announce its name in the coming weeks.