Yu Chengdong: P40 has no Google stuff, the Chinese market will grow by 20-30%

On April 8, Huawei’s P40 series was officially launched in China. This morning, Yu Chengdong online to accept the media interview. The P40 series is fully pre-installed with Hua’s own HMS service and App Gallery store. Mr Yu said Huawei’s phone had no more Google stuff, and that the phones with HMS had been launched overseas before selling well.

Yu Chengdong: P40 has no Google stuff, the Chinese market will grow by 20-30%

But at present, overseas markets because of the outbreak caused the shop can not continue, it will take time. He argues that even if HMS can’t meet the needs of 100 per cent of the population, it is no problem to meet 80-90 per cent of the needs.

Yu Chengdong believes that consumer business revenue is expected to maintain growth for the full year, with the Chinese market growing at least 20-30%.

Overseas markets will have a relatively large decline in the first half of the year, coupled with the impact of the outbreak, but with the HMS eco-experience getting better and better in the second half of the year, the decline in overseas markets will decrease in the second half. In 2019, Huawei’s global shipments of mobile phones were 240 million units.

Based on the current global outbreak, he expects Huawei’s global handset shipments to fall this year, “and we’re fighting not to decline,” Yu said.

Huawei HMS has covered more than 170 countries worldwide, with 400 million monthly active users, attracting 1.3 million developers and partners worldwide.