“Avengers 4” new cut scene exposure Iron: Man saw growing daughter

The film Avengers 4  on Disney Plus will include a new unreleased clip, in which Iron Man sees his growing daughter Morgan Stark (Katherine Langford) after his finger-pointing. The episode is said to have not appeared in the film “Avengers 4” due to poor feedback during the internal screening.

Iron Man “daughter” Alexandra Rachael Rabe:

Adult version of Morgan Stark

Disney Plus is entering the countdown, which will be officially launched, with the first 16 Marvel Movie Universe films to be released en masse. There will also be a special program, “Extended Universe”, bringing the latest developments from Marvel Pictures.

The first 16 “Marvel Movie Universe” films:

Iron Man

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3


Raytheon 2: The Dark World

Captain America

Captain America 2: Winter Warriors

Captain America 3: Civil War

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Dr. Strange

Captain Marvel

The Avengers

“Avengers 2: O’Ralle”

“Avengers 4: The Final Battle”

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