Ideal Car Founder: Tesla is the closest company to Apple, with a market capitalisation of $300 billion

April 9 news, ideal car founder, chairman and CEO Li want to launch a snowball launched a few days ago, “looking at the big car” activities, about Tesla expressed their views. “I think Tesla is the closest apple to,” Lee said. I had predicted that Tesla would be able to reach a market capitalisation of $100 billion by 2020 and go on to see $300 billion, and I continue to do that today. “

Ideal Car Founder: Tesla is the closest company to Apple, with a market capitalisation of $300 billion

And in the electric car sector, tesla’s future market share of 20-30 percent should be no problem, he said. In the long run, it’s possible for Tesla to sell between 5 million and 10 million vehicles a year, and Model Y has a chance to break the 1 million-dollar sales of its bike.

At the same time, in the media interview, Lee also expressed his personal praise for Musk, “from an investment point of view, choose a rising, fast-growing industry, industry choice is very critical, perhaps Musk’s temper a little more, girlfriend a little more, but does not prevent Tesla at every critical point is the most clear lying of the essence of the enterprise.” “

As for Tesla’s poor soundproofing and assembly process, Lee thinks it’s not difficult to solve them, but Tesla has more important issues to solve right now.

On Tesla’s earnings, Mr. Lee said Tesla’s net interest rate would soon be close to Porsche’s if there were no outbreaks this year. According to our estimates, the domestic Model 3 net rate can be 30%, or even more than 30%, and he is a direct-run model to get 30% gross margin.

Excluding research and management sales costs, Tesla’s pre-tax net profit was 15 points, essentially three times the profit margin of the mainstream automaker.

In terms of Tesla’s impact on new domestic new energy vehicles, Li wants to say that Tesla as a strong catfish into the market, for serious practitioners in the industry, the short-term is stressful, but in the long term is definitely a good thing. Because can force domestic enterprises to do seriously C-side users, seriously do products.