Astronaut Trainer: A few things to note about self-isolation during an outbreak

Self-isolation helps to contain the spread of the epidemic, which is not easy for many people. But for astronauts who have been in space for a long time, self-isolation is almost a part of their daily routine. Michaela Musilova, an astrobiologist from Slovakia, has shared her advice on her life in space,media reported.

Astronaut Trainer: A few things to note about self-isolation during an outbreak

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“During missions, you often have to work in distant spaces far from family and friends, so you have to endure months of isolation in space. Mikaela Muslova said.

Mikaela Muslova is known to be the head of HI-SEAS (Hawaii Simulation Space Exploration Project), a simulation space base located on Hawaii’s Mount Monaroa (HI-SEAS). NASA and other space agencies use the simulation site to help astronauts, scientists and researchers prepare for life on the moon and Mars.

The base can accommodate up to six astronauts at a time, and depending on the mission, all astronauts can be isolated from the outside world for weeks to months. Here astronauts learn how to use extremely limited resources, such as power, water, space, time, energy, and so on.

In response, Mikaela Muslova suggests: “First you need to understand the risks, knowledge of the new coronavirus and official response guidelines to identify what can and cannot be done.” Second, go out like astronauts wear protective clothing before leaving the cabin, the protection measures to do a bit. And wearing a mask is like wearing a space helmet. If you have difficulty breathing, it is important to slow down, take a deep breath and calm down. “

In addition, Mikaela Muslova said that while the confined space should be kept as normal as possible, doing all possible work, socializing, exercising and entertaining. “The most important thing is that you find things to do in a self-segregated environment, and sitting around without leaving your home doesn’t make time faster and more comfortable.” Whether you’re exercising at home or working from home, maintaining mental health is the most important thing. “