Study finds ‘big star’ comet Atlas may be disintegrating

According tomedia reports, comet Atlas may be staged in years of one of the most exciting space disintegration show, but there are some early signs that the show may be ahead of schedule. On Monday, local time, The Astronomer’s Telegram shared a report from University of Maryland astronomer Quanzhi Ye and California Institute of Technology astronomer Qicheng Zhang.

Study finds 'big star' comet Atlas may be disintegrating

The report said that The C/2019 Y4 (Atlas comet) may be disintegrating, “the imagetaken on April 5 shows an extension of a comet’s nucleus.”

Study finds 'big star' comet Atlas may be disintegrating

Or as Karl Battams, an astrophysicist at the Naval Research Laboratory, and NASA’s Sungrazing Comets project summed it up on Twitter: “The elongated core is not a good sign.” “

Atlas is believed to be named after its Sky Survey satellite, which was first discovered on December 28. In March, the comet went through a period of rapid brightening, much to the excitement of some astronomy enthusiasts, who hoped it would eventually become as bright as Venus and could even be observed during the day. But comets are notoriously unstable and unpredictable. The latest observations suggest that Atlas is unlikely to show its wonderful, gas-filled feathers next month as one hopes, but Battams says it is too early to predict its death.

“It’s frustrating that we often don’t know what comets are doing or why they do it. Comet Atlas is still likely to ‘take a breather’ before the next eruption,” he told “