Intel: Our CPU is too important No country will limit our production

Recently because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is caught in the “home squat” mode, normal life, work are affected. For factories, many countries have also had to order shutdowns. Intel CEO Steve Sr. said in an interview that they were not affected much because CPU production was too important to be limited.

Intel: Our CPU is too important No country will limit our production

In an interview with CNBC, Mr. Srebo also addressed the impact of the current outbreak, saying he doesn’t know when the current outbreak will end or when the economy will normalize.

But the shutdown has had little impact on Intel, and Mr. Sr. is proud to say that Intel’s products are the exception in almost all of the countries around the world that restrict production because their production is seen as critical and necessary.

Products such as laptops, desktops and servers are more important during isolation than they do normally, and it turns out that people can’t rely on mobile phones to work remotely, but still can’t rely on laptops or desktops, says Mr Sr.

According to Intel’s previous information, Intel’s production, assembly, testing and supply chains in the U.S., Israel, Ireland, Malaysia, Vietnam and elsewhere are operating normally, with on-time delivery rates of more than 90 percent – so the 14nm and 10nm core processor supplies are guaranteed.

It’s worth noting that intel announced an additional $50 million in two days to help fight the epidemic, in addition to the previous $1 million in donations.