Protective coating made of new material or can kill new coronavirus is widely used

Masks that protect doctors and nurses from new coronavirus infections are currently protecting them, but researchers at the University of Florida are working on a protective coating that includes a new type of mask material that can stop and kill the virus in seconds.

Protective coating made of new material or can kill new coronavirus is widely used

Sudipta Seal, an engineer in materials science and nanotechnology at the University of Florida, and The Virologist Griffith Parks, launched the project with the support of the National Science Foundation.

Most of the current protective equipment can only isolate the virus and cannot catch and kill it, Mr Searle said. Therefore, I want to make a nanostructure coating to kill the virus, and further improve the effectiveness of protection.

Searle first developed nanostructures that could capture the virus, then destroyed it with ultraviolet light to trigger a chemical reaction. If successful, the coating can be added to masks, gloves and protective clothing.

Parks then performed a series of tests on the material to determine which material is effective, which viruses can be killed, and how quickly it works. Parks has found that certain materials have good effects on specific viruses, which also offers hope for the next step in material production.

‘We have had initial success and I believe this approach is useful for other potential epidemics and the viruses and bacteria that health care workers face in caring for patients, ‘ Mr. Parks said. This interdisciplinary approach may help the world to respond to the epidemic.