Reality version of The Hornet Tesla Pickup Box “Second Change” Ladder

The Tesla Cybertruck pickup, which has been unusual since its inception, is aiming for a more deformed, more than the bumblebee in the movie Transformers, but it also gives a glimpse of its practical side. Due to Cybertruck’s unique design, the truck bottom plate is inconvenient to use, the bottom plate is too high to reach, the goods are difficult to get out of the van directly, the tilted roof line and the shape of the unconventional cargo compartment bottom plate may not be able to install ladder racks and other equipment.

However, some of the images and materials that have been revealed in recent days show that Tesla’s Cybertruck cargo boxes can change in different shapes depending on their needs.

In fact, as early as Cybertruck, when Tesla CEO Musk boasted about cybertruck designs, the design of the ladder appeared on the background screen of the live demo.

Now, as can be seen from the latest detailed demo, cybertruck’s cargo van variable ladder can adjust the height of the tail according to the needs of the load, making it easier to pull the car’s tools, large boards, kayaks or other tools or large items that need to be carried with you.

In addition, we can see that the cargo compartment variable ladder rack also has a ladder, not unexpected, the probability will be removable design, when needed to take it down for use.

By the end of March, Tesla Cybertruck had more than 600,000 vehicles booked, reaching 622,000, according to statistics. At the current rate, the car is expected to exceed 1 million units by next year’s official delivery.