Apple builds iPad-based home learning program for kids affected by COVID-19 lockdown

As millions of children were forced to study at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple on Thursday released a series of 30 educational events that use iOS technology to teach young learners a range of useful courses,media outlet AppleInsider reported. The programme, known as the “30 Creative Activities for Children”, aims to train and support children between the ages of 4 and 8 years of age or from pre-school to second grade to study at home.

Apple builds iPad-based home learning program for kids affected by COVID-19 lockdown

Using the built-in technology of the iPad or iPhone, Apple guides children through a range of challenges, such as taking time-lapse videos, making comics, and making cards. In addition to projects that can produce practical results, there are some esoteric thought problems, such as writing sentences and phrases with emoji characters.

Many of the events take advantage of the iPad’s camera and first-party apps. For example, Apple recommends creating a simple storybook by adding photos and videos to a template in Pages, writing a title, decorating each page with a picture. Other projects include recording audio messages with the Voice Memo app and sharing it via Messages or Mail, using a tape recorder in Garage Band to practice skipping counting, creating stories with Keynote, and having Siri tell jokes.

“We know that in this challenging time, parents outside are trying to cope with multiple aspects at the same time. Apple’s education team has some interesting ways to keep kids everywhere creative. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a tweet.

For more interesting activities, Apple has led parents to its “Early Learners Can Create Teacher’s Guide” e-book, which is available for free on Apple Books.

Thursday’s list of events follows the Release of the Apple Education Learning Series in March, a collection of videos that help educators use Apple devices to promote distance learning.