Sing the opposite with Trump? First Lady Calls on People to Wear Masks Seriously

According to U.S. media reports, the U.S. new coronapneumonia epidemic continues to spread, the government called on people to wear masks or scarf to cover the mouth and nose as a precaution. U.S. First Lady Melania posted a photo on social media Monday, sharing a photo of herself wearing a mask, calling on the public to take the CDC’s guidelines seriously.

“As research into the new coronavirus continues, the CDC recommends that people wear cloth masks in public places where it is difficult to maintain social distance, such as grocery stores and pharmacies,” Melania wrote. Remember, this is not a substitute for the importance of social alienation. This is another guideline that will ensure the safety of all of us. “

Sing the opposite with Trump? First Lady Calls on People to Wear Masks Seriously

Photo U.S. First Lady Melania on social media.

According to the report, Melania has repeatedly shared guidelines from the CDC on social media, but in this tweet, she covered her face for the first time.

Her husband, U.S. President Donald Trump, has said he has no plans to wear a mask.

Mr. Trump has reportedly previously said, “It’s just a suggestion, I just don’t want to wear it myself.” “

Since the outbreak began to spread, Mr. Trump has spent most of his time in the White House, and the U.S. Secret Service has been screening people close to him to make sure they’re not sick. The White House announced earlier this month that “anyone believed to be in close contact with Trump or Vice President Mike Pence” will be tested for the new coronavirus.