French experts warn obesity is one of the main risk factors for new coronavirus patients

According tomedia BGR, the number of deaths is currently close to 95,000 out of nearly 1.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. The new coronavirus can take so many lives in just 75 days, and the worst-case scenario may be ahead. Some countries have adopted social isolation measures and helped to reduce the number of people infected. Some Governments have succeeded in levelling this curve through active detection, contact tracing and isolation procedures, while others have been able to reduce mortality. But countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy and France continue to be affected.

Most people infected with the new coronavirus will survive. Some people have no symptoms at all. Others experience a mild ertimed illness, and most people will never be hospitalized. However, older people and patients with basic medical conditions are most at risk of complications. France’s top epidemiologists say obesity can seriously affect the prognosis of COVID-19.

“This virus is terrible and can hit young people, especially obese young people,” Professor Jean-Fran?ois Delfraissy told French news adl. Those who are overweight really have to be careful. “

Up to 17 million French people are at serious risk of new coronaviruses due to age, pre-existing diseases and obesity, the professor said. Delfraissy also said overweight patients in the U.S. will also have a hard time fighting the new disease. “That’s why we worry about our friends in the United States, because obesity is known, and they may have the most problems because of obesity. “

According to doctors, 88% of those infected have only severe flu-like symptoms. The mortality rate for young people admitted to hospital with serious injuries was 2 per cent, but for “vulnerable people, the mortality rate rose to 14 per cent”. He did not provide figures related to obesity, but Reuters reported that obesity is thought to be a possible explanation for the above-average mortality rates in New Orleans and Mexico.

French experts warn obesity is one of the main risk factors for new coronavirus patients

France has so far reported more than 118,000 new crown-confirmed cases and more than 12,000 deaths. As in most countries where testing is poor, these numbers may not reflect reality, as there may be thousands of people who have not been diagnosed. About 30,000 people are currently tested in France every day, and that number will rise to between 100,000 and 250,000 in two weeks. But the country’s initial daily test was only 3,000.

France is far from reaching the point where 50 to 60 percent of the population is infected and cured, the infectious disease expert said. This will bring the country to the level of “group immunization”. “Preliminary data suggest that fewer people are likely to be immune, about 10-15 percent, ” Delfraissy said. With a population of 67 million citizens, 10-15% of the immunity population will be converted to up to 10 million. The only way to get COVID-19 immunity is to infect and fight the disease. If these estimates are correct, there could be a large number of undiagnosed cases of the new coronavirus in France.

The expert also noted that it was too early for France to end the blockade, which began on 17 March and will continue until at least 15 April.