“Warcraft” 25th Anniversary Video Mandarin Edition for Azelas

Prior to the Blizzard Carnival, the 25th anniversary of “Warcraft” promotional film was released. Today (November 12), The official Warcraft official posted a Mandarin version of the 25th anniversary video of Warcraft on Weibo. Looking at the familiar picture, listening to the familiar lines, really let the players tears.

For twenty-five years, The World of Ezelas has defined what immersive games and epic narratives are. In endless conflicts, the Universe of Warcraft witnesses the ups and downs of the lives of heroes, villains and adventurers. Here, we pay tribute to the twenty-fifth year of Warcraft and to every one of us who has traveled this journey with us, whether you are on the top of the mountain in Danmoror or on the seafront of the Great Vortex. For Ezelas!

Video screenshot:

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