Sharp OLED rollable TV design patent exposure

Earlier this year, Sharp unveiled a patent for a smart machine with a fullfold folding screen. Shortly thereafter, the electronics manufacturer unveiled the prototype at an event in Japan. Now, Sharp seems to be exploring using flexible screens in more areas, such as OLED TVs with curlable screens. Dutch technology blog LetsGoDigital reports that Sharp has applied to the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) for a series of patented collapsible television designs.

Sharp OLED roll-screen TV design patent exposure

(Instagram from LetsGoDigital)

In addition to Sharp, Samsung is working on a similar approach, and LG has long introduced a roll-screen lift-up OLED TV. At the time of collection, the device can be accommodated in a compact housing.

As can be seen from the five patented illustrations published, the OLED flexible screen is not only easy to carry, but also can be effectively extended when used thanks to the fantastic support design.

For exhibitors, such products are very convenient. But if you want to fix it in one place (such as a living room or bedroom), it’s fine.

Sharp OLED roll-screen TV design patent exposure

(Picture: LetsGoDigital)

Three of these designs( the screen is rolled out from the bottom up) work in the same way as LG’s rollable TV and can be done automatically under mechanical control.

The differences between these three designs are mainly reflected in the storage box. The end of the A design has rounded corners, the lines of the B design are clearer, and the base of the C design is more rounded.

Sharp OLED roll-screen TV design patent exposure

(Picture: LetsGoDigital)

The latter two designs are more similar to projection curtains (downfrom the top) and should be more suitable for use in schools or corporate conference rooms, but they are still not available in different ways.

For example, the D design has a box similar to the ABC design described above, but the E design is more simple to roll up the screen around the shaft. The latter has no protective housing and can be more compact, but also more fragile.

Sharp 4K OLED Prototype (via)

Update: In parallel with the patent exposure, Sharp announced a 30-inch curly OLED display developed with NHK and will unveil the prototype at the Intel BEE 2019 show, which opens tomorrow in Chiba.

Earlier this year, the Japanese manufacturer unveiled the first 8K Ultra HD TV with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at CES 2019. We expect to see more flexible screens at the CES 2020 show early next year.

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