Chris Evans: Returning to “Captain America” is not impossible, but not just to make viewers money

At the end of “Avengers 4,” “Captain America” gets old, which means he’s gone from the Marvel movie universe? Recently, Chris Evans, who promoted the awards season’s winner, “Knives Out,” answered this question in an interview with foreign media.

Original title: Chris Evans talks about returning to playing “Captain America” “not impossible, but not just to make money for the audience”

“You can never say absolutely. I like this role. I do not know. It’s not a hard ‘no’, but it’s not a fervent ‘yes’. I’m still doing other things. I think the U.S. team came on a smart start and the way he finished the journey was perfect. If you’re going to re-show this, it can’t just be about taking money out of the audience’s pocket, it can’t just get the audience excited. What do we want to reveal? What do we want to add to the story? A lot of things have to be considered at the same time. Evans replied.

In a word, Evans means that anything is possible, but if he is to reappear in the Marvel universe, he is very careful.

Interviewed with the U.S. team, along with Scarlett Johansson, the “widow’s sister” who promoted “JoJo Rabbit”, praised the “Beautiful and relieved” finale of “Avengers 4”.

Hearing the praise of the “Beauty team” attitude immediately more cautious, he went on: “It would be a pity if it messed up.” I’m very conservative about it. He also recalls the very cautious ness he was when he first joined the Marvel universe, for fear of screwing up and refusing many times.

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