Rare 5.4-magnitude earthquake in France, nuclear power plant suspends reactor for testing

11, a 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck southeastern France, such a large earthquake is very rare in the region, local people feel particularly deep lying about the earthquake, euronews reported. Official son now says the quake has injured four people, one of whom is seriously injured. The French power group decided to suspend the nuclear reactor at the Krua nuclear power plant for preventive testing.

Rare 5.4-magnitude earthquake in France, nuclear power plant suspends reactor for testing

Mustafa Megrauwi, a scholar at the Strasbourg office of the Paris Institute of Geophysics (IPGP), reportedly said earthquakes in the area rarely had magnitude 5 earthquakes, which could be said to be very rare, and that there were likely to be aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 in the near future. He called on the public to find that if there are safety risks in the building, it is best to leave.

The French Earthquake Center office announced that the earthquake occurred at 11:52 local time on the 11th, the epicenter is located in the south of the city of Montelimar in the southeastern French province of Delong, the depth of the epicenter of about 10 kilometers, the surrounding Cities of Lyon, Montpellier and other cities have a clear sense of earthquake.

Victoria Brie, a resident of The City of Priva, about 25 kilometers from the epicenter, said he was in his mother’s bakery, leaning against the stove, and felt the shock. In addition, some guests said that the cupboard was moving, and in the instant of the earthquake, all the pottery in the store was shattered.

Didier Levy, a resident near the epicenter, who lives in a 15th-century castle, said the chandeliers were still shaking minutes after the quake. Before he felt the earthquake, his dog began barking and uneasy. It was an experience he had never had before, and even though the walls of the castle were up to a meter thick, he could still feel the vibration.

The governor’s office in Delong province said one worker was seriously injured when scaffolding collapsed at a construction site as a result of the quake. In addition, three people were slightly injured in the quake in The province of Ardesh, near the epicenter.

Afp reported that it was the strongest earthquake to hit mainland France in 16 years. According to the French Seismological Center, the last earthquake of the same size in France was in 2003 in the French Mountains of Fuzh.

France’s Klua nuclear power plant and the Tricastan nuclear power plant are located near the epicenter. The French power group decided on the evening of the 11th, suspended the Klua nuclear power plant nuclear reactor, in order to carry out preventive testing.

France’s Nuclear Safety Agency (ASN) said the quake did not cause significant damage to facilities at the plant, but that the conditions for restarting the reactor still needed to be reviewed and safety assessed.

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