Cooling after heating the battery :The University of Pennsylvania pushes a new charging method: 10 minutes for a full-charging an electric car

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have discovered a new technology that can fill electric car batteries in 10 minutes, according to foreign media Futurecar. Compared with traditional fast charging technology, the new scheme can significantly reduce the user’s charging time.

Cooling after heating the battery The University of Pennsylvania pushes a new charging method: 10 minutes full of an electric car

When lithium-ion batteries charge fast at ambient temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius, the researchers report, while the battery is heated for 10 minutes at a temperature of 140 degrees Celsius, then quickly cools it and the battery can burst into charge. Enough to support the vehicle to travel 300-500 km.

This charging method has a battery life of up to 2,500 times and can travel a total of 800,000 kilometers.

It is reported that the way to increase the temperature of the battery is to use a thin nickel foil with temperature sensors. The sensor is connected to a switch that controls the current flowing through the foil, rapidly heating the material and heating the battery. Finally, rely on the vehicle’s cooling system to quickly cool the battery.

It is worth mentioning that there is a certain risk of heating batteries, which is expressly prohibited in the industry, all of this program will not be mass production in the short term.

At the same time, the director of the Center for Electrochemical Engines at Pennsylvania State University stressed: “Raising the battery temperature to 140 degrees Celsius can lead to a decrease in battery life, which in the battery field often prohibits the extreme behavior of heating the battery to 60 degrees Celsius, which can damage the battery and significantly reduce battery life.” “

Unlike the systematic solutions offered by automakers such as Tesla, Penn State’s new plan takes less time, is more practical, and the four-word concept is “simple and crude.” But too aggressive a technical route, it is extremely difficult to get to the ground flowering.

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