iOS 13.2.2 Fix Background killing: But It’s a battery-life Nightmare

Fixed the iOS 13.2.2 operating system that killed the back stage, it didn’t expect to be the beginning of a new nightmare. Foreign media tests found that the serious battery BUG appeared on the iOS 13.1.2 system appears to be “resurgent”, several charge and discharge cycles have confirmed that the iOS 13.2.2 battery is significantly undurable.

Not only the iPhone, but iPad OS 13.2.2.

iOS 13.2.2 Fix Kill Backstage: But It's a LifeLong Nightmare

There are also some slotting iOS 13.2.2 power-ups on social media, and even want Apple to open up its signature to allow it to fall back to the iOS 12 system.

It is not known whether the new multi-tasking management mechanism modification led to increased power-saving situation, in addition, iOS 13.2.2 was also exposed to WiFi/Bluetooth disconnect.

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