New technology breakthrough adds possibilities for ‘aluminum battery’

Although solar and wind power are relatively environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity, it is best to use “battery farms” to store electricity when it is left behind and released when it is in short supply. The question is, are there any cheaper options for most of these batteries to use expensive, hard-to-reach lithium batteries? Scientists have recently developed a new type of aluminum battery that is said to have doubled its energy density after replacing electrodes with graphite into an organic compound called tantalum. Although the increased energy density is still only about half of the lithium battery, so it is unlikely to be applied to mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, electric cars, but in a fixed battery farm, there is already a practical possibility. Of course, like most of these new technologies, the new aluminum batteries are still only present in the lab, and scientists continue to improve their composition, electrolytes and charging methods. But if it can be put into practical, aluminum acquisition and preparation, but it is much easier than lithium.

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