An American company develops air-based artificial meat products

A San Francisco Bay Area company has upended the artificial meat industry with a new and incredible meat-free meat- air-protein meat. The company, called Air Protein, today announced the launch of an air-based meat substance that can be used to make hamburgers, chicken, turkey or almost any meat product. Users can even use this product to make protein-rich pasta, grains and beverages.

The product itself looks like protein powder, but consists only of elements found in the air, especially carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen, which are then mixed with water and mineral nutrients to form alkalis and then utilized using renewable energy and probiotic production processes (fermentation), These elements are transformed into an edible product (powder alkaloid) with an amino acid structure similar to that of real meat, which contains all nine essential amino acids and is therefore a complete protein.

Air protein is also rich in vitamins, including vitamin B12, which is found in animal products, and many vegetarians and vegetarians struggle to get enough vitamins from the diet. Lisa Dyson, chief executive of Air Protein, founded the company after recognizing that single-celled organisms can convert carbon dioxide into nutrients.

Air Protein is a sister company to Kiverdi, which uses carbon dioxide to make environmentally friendly products such as plastics and soil. As the company continues to struggle to turn its technology into tangible consumer products, consumers will have to wait a while to see air meat products on their shelves.

Compared with other real meat products or artificial meat products, it is not possible to determine whether this air-based protein meat has a long-term negative health impact on humans, but it is possible to beat the first two products in terms of environmental protection. It’s unclear whether air protein meat will convince vegetarians to use it, but it’s a leap forward for the artificial meat industry.

An American company develops air-based artificial meat products

An American company develops air-based artificial meat products

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