IBM: 200,000 Macs make company employees happier and more productive at work

IBM has released a new study on the benefits apple products bring to the business, foreign media reported. The study found that having more than 200,000 Macs could significantly reduce support costs, reduce the number of support staff and make employees happier than Windows deployments. In a study released Tuesday, IBM said employees who use Mac computers are 22 percent more likely than Windows users to exceed expectations in performance assessments.

In addition, sales from employees who use Apple’s computers are 16% higher.

IBM: 200,000 Macs make company employees happier and more productive at work

“This IT state is reflected in ibm’s daily thinking and feelings about its employees,” says Fletcher Previn, IBM’s chief information officer. I’ve said before — when to live a life like Jetsons at home and live a Flintstones-like life at work. Our goal is to create a productive work environment and continuously improve the work experience of IBM employees, which is why we introduced the Employee Choice Program to IBM employees in 2015. “

When it comes to employee satisfaction, the new study shows that Mac users are 17 percent less likely to leave IBM than Windows users. Mac users are also more satisfied with the available software, with only 5 percent of users asking for additional software, compared with 11 percent of Windows users.

IBM: 200,000 Macs make company employees happier and more productive at work

In addition, Previn talked about the cost of supporting Macs at the site. A team of seven engineers needs to maintain 200,000 Mac computers, while a team of 20 engineers is required to maintain the same number of Windows PCs.

During the installation process, 98% of Mac users were very simple to migrate, while only 86% of users migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Windows users are five times more likely to need on-site support than the average user.

A study published earlier this year by Jamf showed that reliability is the number one reason users prefer to work on a Mac over a PC.

IBM has made many announcements at JNUC in the past. At last year’s JNUC conference, Previn announced that the computer giant would open the source code for its Mac@IBM configuration code and the huge rewards it received from its Mac deployment.

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