Twitter’s “Topics” feature: Keep users focused on topics of interest

Twitter has launched a new feature called Topics that allows users to follow conversations about topics they are interested in, just as they are following accounts they are interested in, according to foreign media. According to an article published on Twitter’s official blog, The Topic suggestion will soon appear in the user’s timeline and search, based on what users tend to look for and have followed on social media platforms.

When a user follows a topic, such as a band, sports team, or celebrity, they see tweets from accounts with similar interests.

Currently, the Topics option appears in the sidebar menu of the mobile app, but only one introductory screen for the feature is displayed. When the feature is fully available, it will list topics of interest to users.

Future features will include previewing a topic before choosing to follow it, adding a topic to the list, and mute the topic.

Twitter said that from November 13, Topic’s recommendations will begin to appear in the timeline and search results, and will be rolled out globally in the coming months.

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