AMD Ryzen 9 Series APU :pose new challenges to Intel

In recent years, AMD has achieved remarkable success in the market with the update of the Zen Architecture Ryzen processor. To continue this advantage, hardware whistleblower @Komachi revealed on Twitter that the chipmaker will also be working on the APU product line, which integrates the core graphics card. As highlighted by the foreign media TechRadar, AMD’s new APU focuses on four “Ryzen 9” SKUs — including two 45W TDP and two other 15W TDP Pro models.

AMD Ryzen 9 Series APU or launch new challenges to Intel

(Screenshot via TechSpot)

In addition, these Ryzen 9 Series APus are designed with a B12 design, which means that there are 12 sets of graphical cells. Given the higher clock rate and efficiency that the 7nm process delivers, both the CPU and GPU portion of ryzen 9 APU should benefit.

For platforms that don’t focus on extreme performance, such as portable laptops, the Ryzen 9 Series APU will be an interesting alternative to discrete graphics cards, helping drive amdamdand and Intel’s more direct competition in this area.

Looking back at AMD’s strong 2019 results, the company has reached its highest quarterly revenue since 2015. Since Q2 2017, the company is building the groundwork step by step, increasing its market share while moving in the right direction.

It is important to note that, as usual, @Komachi’s post neither confirms nor denies anything. Before AMD’s official release, there were still some variables in the explosion. Perhaps we’ll know more at CES 2020 at CES 2020 early next year.

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