Voyager just five years life

The Voyager probe is the ultimate achievement of the spacecraft to date, having traveled through the universe for 42 years, but everyone knows that their journey will come to an end, SpaceX reported recently. The two spacecraft are expected to have a five-year life span, the researchers said, when they will no longer be able to tell us about the dramatic journey of the “Odyssey” in space.

Voyager or just five years

“These two spacecraft are getting colder and cooler, and their power is falling,” Said Ed Stone, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology and a mission scientist for Voyager. We know that in the next five years or so, electricity may run out. “

Even by NASA standards, Voyager’s achievements are unprecedented. “We’re really surprised and surprised that they’re still on their toes,” Stone said. When the two Voyager probes were launched, the space-age curtain was only 20 years old, so it was hard to know if there were probes that could last more than 40 years. “

Voyager or just five years

As stunning as the spacecraft’s “longevity”, the life span of a few instruments on the probe is staggering. Currently, four instruments are still in operation on Voyager 1, while five devices on Voyager 1 are still collecting data.

‘We’re surprised that these devices are only designed to last four years, but they’re still working,’ explains Stematios-Klimis, a space scientist at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory and lead researcher on the Voyager mission’s low-energy charged particle experiment.

In 1977, two Voyager spacecraft took off in two weeks, and after flying over Jupiter and Saturn in different ways, they parted ways. During the trip, Voyager 1 probed Saturn’s moon Titan and flew out of the solar system, while Voyager 2 took a more leisurely route, “visiting” Only Uranus and Neptune.

At present, both spacecraft travel at speeds of more than 48,000 km/h. The difference is. The message from Voyager 2 takes about 17 hours to return to Earth, while the voyage rits by Voyager 1 takes more than 20 hours to reach Earth.

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