Tesla pickup, Semi truck or rivals: Neuron T/One and Torq

California-based start-up Neuron is turning its attention to Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck and the company’s latest Semi truck, foreign media reported. Last week, Neuron unveiled two of its automotive products, T/One and Torq, at the Shanghai Import Expo.

Tesla pickup, Semi truck or rivals: Neuron T/One and Torq

Among them, the T/One is an EMU, or electric multi-purpose, and Torq is the company’s vision for an electric semi-trailer, equipped with a central cab similar to the Tesla Semi.

Neuron says the concept cars are designed to highlight the company’s sustainability efforts. It’s not entirely clear what these efforts are, as the company mentions only one area they will use to reduce waste and propose renewable solutions.

According to Neuron, both cars are built on a modular platform, and the scalability of the electric pickup allows it to interchange body components. In addition, the power transmission system will optimize the interior of the car, while the battery pack can be replaced with a replaceable unit to increase the range.

Like the Torq concept car, the T/One has a central driving position, which is a strange choice for pickup trucks. However, the car will use a single screen to handle all functions, which means the driver can’t find any physical knobs or switches on it.

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