PowerToys v0.17 Release Free Utility Collection developed by Microsoft

Microsoft has released the PowerToys v0.17 version. The new version adds automatic updates (Auto-updates) and is available when the 0.18 release is released.

In addition, the main updates include:

FancyZone can now snap to two regions (still experimental because it does not support restoring apps to two regions)

After the regression in 0.16 is fixed, non-administrator users will be able to use PowerToys again

Fixes bugs for most FancyZones virtual desktops

Several FZ bugs fixed, including handling taskbar locations correctly

The PowerToys icon in the Start menu will always appear

Update notes:


PowerToys v0.17 Release Free Utility Collection developed by Microsoft

PowerToys is a free utility collection developed by Microsoft developers that can be used to adjust and simplify Windows operations for advanced users to increase efficiency. It first appeared in Windows 95, but was not officially supported by Microsoft, and its testing was not thorough enough. In the era of Windows XP, all apps entering Windows needed a security review, and PowerToys disappeared.

In May 2019, Microsoft announced that it would officially restart the project. Microsoft said the reboot of PowerToys would provide efficiency utilities that could be used through Windows 10 shell while allowing users to customize individual workflows.