Musk interrupts NASA meeting in response to previous statement: Not the subject of the meeting

Elon Musk’s recent conference call has sparked controversy. On a conference call with NASA on Thursday afternoon, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine reacted unexpectedly when asked about Musk’s previous controversial comments about the new coronavirus.

Musk interrupts NASA meeting in response to previous statement: Not the subject of the meeting

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on the company’s earnings conference call late Wednesday that the new coronavirus virus “forces people at home, depriving them of all their constitutional rights.” He also made some controversial comments on the topic on Twitter.

A day later, Marina Koren, a reporter for The Atlantic, asked NASA’s director, Brendan Sting, what he thought of Musk’s argument. The reason is that NASA has been extracautious in its response to the global pandemic of the new coronavirus.

“I need to know exactly what they’re saying,” Mr Bridenstine said. I’m in charge of NASA’s response to the outbreak, and I’m asking SpaceX to give them an answer on how to respond to the new coronavirus. “

Journalist Curran hopes that Bridenstine’s in-depth analysis could change the relationship between NASA and SpaceX. Then Musk stepped in.

“I don’t think it’s consistent with the theme of this meeting, it’s a bad press conference, go on,” Musk said. “

When Musk interjected, NASA had not yet presented him on a conference call, which was about nasa’s nearly $1 billion contract for U.S. companies, including SpaceX. The contracts are about the development and production of lunar landers that NASA hopes to use to send astronauts to the moon by 2024. Towards the end of the conference call, NASA introduced Musk. He issued a statement thanking the agency for its support for SpaceX.

In response, Bridenstine noted that NASA employees have died from the new coronavirus.

“We at NASA take the new coronavirus pandemic very seriously, ” says Mr Bridenstine. We’ve had a lot of employees infected with the new coronavirus, and in fact, there have been employees who have lost their lives as a result. “