Microsoft names Visual Studio Online as Codespaces

Microsoft has decided to introduce the integrated development environment from Visual Studio Online to Codespaces at the Build 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference online. The reason the company gives is that “developers don’t just think of it as an editor running in a browser”. The name-for-name move was accompanied by a further reduction in the cost of Services for Visual Studio Codespaces.

Microsoft names Visual Studio Online as Codespaces

(From: Microsoft)

“To align the true value of emotions and services, we renamed Visual Studio Online to VS Codespaces,” Microsoft explained.

If you want a great experience in a long-term project, try taking a dip in Codespaces.

Take advantage of efficient Codespaces when deciding whether you need to quickly prototype new features, or perform short-term tasks, such as viewing requests.

Microsoft names Visual Studio Online as Codespaces

From next week, VS Codespaces will also see a big cut in service charges, such as the $0.45 per hour usage fee for Linux standard instances.

If you choose an advanced subscription with 8 Core plus 16GB of shipping, the server’s usage fee will also be reduced from $0.87 to $0.34.

“We want to make sure that as many people as possible have access to and use Ofspaces, especially the huge challenges we face today,” Microsoft said. To achieve this goal, we will reduce prices from next week.”

The basic instance type will also meet developers next week at a lower price, such as the new 2 Core plus 4GB option, which is priced at as low as $0.08 per hour.