Google announces changes to Chrome’s online app store policy to crack down on spam extensions

Chrome Web Store has the industry’s richest browser extension resource slate today, but it also includes a number of spoofing, even malicious, spam extensions. The good news is that Google has announced a new Chrome Web Store policy to combat these malicious extensions. Under the new rules, developers with more than 200,000 extensions in the store must implement the necessary changes by August 27 or risk being officially taken off the shelves by Google.

Google announces changes to Chrome's online app store policy to crack down on spam extensions

(From: Chrome Dev)

Here are a few important new rules:

(1) Developers are not allowed to perform multiple extensions at the same time;

(2) Do not contain misleading descriptions in the developer’s name, title, icon, screenshot or marketing promotion altogether;

(3) No false downloads and manipulations of comments shall be induced, and no cheating or brushing lists shall be made on the number of installations and scores;

(4) Extensions that are used only to launch other applications or websites will no longer be allowed;

(5) Do not abuse the notification function to send harmful messages of spam, advertising promotions, phishing, or other situations.

(6) It is prohibited to send messages to users without giving them the opportunity to confirm the content sending and the recipient.

Full policy updates about the Chrome Web Store are available on the Official Web. In addition, Google has set up a FAQ section to further clarify which behaviors are not allowed.