Scientists use breathable material to create game controllers that can be worn on the wrist

Nanotechnology is making electronics smaller and more compact, according tomedia. Scientists at North Carolina State University have developed a new breathable material that contains electronic components that can be used to control video games, from registered electrocardiograms to control video games. They have developed a thin, stretchable material that can be embedded in electronics. Scientists believe the fabric has practical applications in the biomedical field, but testing the russian block game by using the sleeves of the material as a controller suggests it also has practical use cases in the wearable technology market.

Scientists use breathable material to create game controllers that can be worn on the wrist

It is a good breathable textile that allows sweat to evaporate, which is a great advantage over other similar prototypes of electronic cloths. Because of its breathability, prolonged use is not easy to irritate the skin. The fabric is based on an elastic polymer film. The material is soaked in a solution containing silver nanowires. It is then hot-pressed to seal the silver wire and form a porous electrode. This process is known as the “breathchart”.

“The way we make this material is also important because it’s a simple process that can easily scale up. Yong Zhu, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University, said. “If we want to develop wearable sensors or user interfaces that can be worn for a long time, we need gas-penetrating electronic materials. So this is an important step forward. “

As you can see from the video above, the technology can also be used in the human-machine interface. When combined with other nanotechnology, such as MIT’s 2.5nm 3D transistor a few years ago, it is conceivable that a practical wrist computer would function far beyond a smartwatch, although it will take years.

The team published the paper in acS Nano.