Professors at Meiyi University resign after having no intention of ‘sharing’ the ‘big-chested college student’ label

According tomedia, online courses have become quite common in the past few months for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the new system is suitable for everyone. A professor from the University of Miami knows this best because he accidentally leaked a “big-chested college student” bookmark he kept in his browser during a Zoom online business analysis class.

Professors at Meiyi University resign after having no intention of 'sharing' the 'big-chested college student' label

It’s worth noting that bookmarks are used to save pages that users want to view later.

It was learned that a student in Zoom’s class noticed the bookmark. Shortly after the incident, the professor decided to resign.

The University of Miami issued a statement confirming the incident: “The University of Miami is actively investigating all complaints of misconduct or sexual harassment. The sheriff’s office, Title IX investigators and the Herbert School of Business in Miami investigated the incident after receiving a complaint through the school’s ethics hotline. The school can confirm that John Peng Zhang has resigned and will no longer work at the University of Miami. “

However, the students wanted him back and had launched a petition to rehire the professor. People make mistakes, they’re people who have sexual needs, and they shouldn’t be fired when there’s no real being shared. We no longer live in the 18th century, everyone is allowed to have their own sex life. This is obviously a mistake. “

There was no response as to whether the professor’s school would be rehired.