Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR may be available in December

The Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR displays, which were released in June, may not go on sale until December. In addition to its expected release of the 16-inch MacBook Pro this week, Apple is also expected to announce that the Mac Pro will be released in December, with a date likely in mid-December, bloomberg reported. Available on 18th and 14th December.

Apple has previously said the new Mac Pro will be made in Austin, Texas, where it has been the home of the 2013 Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro, booked by U.S. users, will include parts designed, developed and manufactured by more than a dozen U.S. companies. Suppliers are available in eight states, including Arizona, Maine, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.

And from the Instagram story of Foreign DJ producer Calvin Harris, Apple has begun to offer Mac Pro to a specific audience. Because in this Instagram story, the new Mac Pro appears in the background.

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR may be available in December

The new Mac Pro is another breakthrough since the 2013 Cylindrical Barrel Mac Pro, with the chic chassis grid designed to maximize airflow and reduce noise, and entertaining netizens giving it the nickname of a plow or garlic cutter, but anyway, This is probably the most impressive thing about the new machine.

Internally, this modular-enabled Mac Pro also has a “monster-level” configuration. The new Mac Pro offers a slotted Intel Xeon W CPU, allowing users to select 8-core, 12-core, 16-core, 24-core, or 28-core models, each with a cache of 25MB to 67MB, depending on the processor model.

Mac Pro also provides 12 RAM slots in a 6-channel memory architecture, supports DDR4 ECC modules, and supports up to 1.5TB of RAM.

In addition, the 2019 Mac Pro features an all-flash, SSD storage architecture. Its SSD is twice as large as the earlier model of SSD modules, each supporting 2TB of capacity, and supporting a total of 4TB on-board storage after Apple T2 chip encryption. The new SSD module provides read-write speeds of up to 2.6GB/s.

The new Mac Pro is the most optional AMD Radeon Pro II Vega dual graphics card connected by Infinity Fabric Link, as well as MPX modules that hold both AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega II.

The domestic price of the new Mac Pro has not yet been announced, and given its $5,999 ($42,000) U.S. starting price, the price in the country won’t be much cheaper by then.

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