Intel Showcases “Heavenly Parent” GPU: Core Area 2.6 times 10 Core i9

Intel’s success or failure lies in the Xe architecture. Readers may also be impressed that Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief architect and head of graphics, took a photo of Intel’s Bangalore team in December, saying they had made a major breakthrough and reached a milestone on the road to the world’s largest silicon chip.

Today, Intel has developed this “baap of all” GPU chip, which is already in the form of a stream. With the No. 5 battery as the reference, the chip package area is about 3696mm2, and the effective chip area is about 2343mm2.

What concept?

Take the newly released 10-generation Core i9-10900K as an example, the 10-core 20-thread, LGA1200 interface, the package area is only 1406mm2. Almost look up to the 28 core to the strong platinum 8280 (LGA3647) 4200mm2.

Unsurprisingly, this core is used for The ponte Vecchio Xe_HP GPU, which serves high-load scenarios such as data centers and artificial intelligence.

According tomedia estimates, Intel’s high-performance game graphics card, GPU area is expected to be between 250 and 500mm2, looking at the current AMD RDNA and NVIDIA Turing GPU size.

大神Jim Keller(左图)和Raja(右图)