50 minutes of running a week significantly reduces risk of death, study says

A new study from the Institute of Health and Physical Education at the University of Victoria shows that running once a week has a surprising impact on a person’s overall risk of death. The findings are based on a review of existing literature that revealed a link between running and risk of death, which tracked more than 232,000 participants for 35 years.

50 minutes of running a week significantly reduces risk of death, study says

The study showed that the benefits of running were associated with running for at least 50 minutes a week. The study found that people who ran weekly had an average 27 percent lower risk of death for a variety of reasons than those who had never been involved in running.

In the case of cardiovascular disease, running once a week reduces the risk of death by 30 per cent and cancer by 23 per cent. In addition, some benefits were still observed in people who ran less than 50 minutes a week. Even if you don’t have much free time to exercise during the week, the study found that running briefly during the week can lead to a “significant improvement” in health and the potential for longer life.

This finding is in stark contrast to previous studies. Previous studies have found that intense exercise is associated with sudden cardiac death. The researchers say the benefits of longevity of running “outweigh” the potential risks. Of course, you should pay attention to the potential negative effects of running on joints and discuss their concerns with your doctor.

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