Mars 2020 to explore Mars crater Jezero: Search for possible life

When NASA’s Mars 2020 probe finally arrives on Mars in early 2021, it will be the most advanced piece of hardware the agency will send to another world, foreign media reported. With the probe’s vast number of advanced tools and sensors, NASA will receive a wealth of data from the red  planet, which will help scientists discover many new and exciting things.

Mars 2020 to explore Mars crater Jezero: Search for possible life

But to be honest, there’s only one thing that really changes the way we look at Mars, and that’s confirming that life once existed on Mars. Mars 2020 will begin its journey to Mars with a mission to find evidence of ancient life near the huge lake bed at the landing site.

It is understood that Mars 2020 will study the inner part of a crater called Jezero. It is reported that the inside may be rich in a carbonate mineral. Because the substance has also been found in shells, corals and other hardy structures formed by microbes, scientists speculate that Jezero, which was a huge lake about 3.5 billion years ago, may have lived.

Ken Williford, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explains: “The possibility of ‘edge carbonate’ in the lake environment is one of the most exciting features for us to explore the Jezero landing site. Carbonate chemistry on the shores of ancient lakes is a great way to preserve ancient life and climate records. We’d like to know how these carbonates are formed. “

Mars 2020 is expected to be launched in the summer of 2020, while the probe is expected to land on Mars in February of the following year.

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