Trump threatens retaliation against U.S. stock Musk’s big mouth stakes Tesla down more than 10 percent

Mr. Trump threatened to retaliate against the new outbreak of pneumonia, and big tech companies reported disappointing earnings that weighed on U.S. stocks. By the close, the Dow was down 622.03 points, or 2.55 per cent, at 23,723.69, the S.P. 500 was down 81.72 points, or 2.81 per cent, at 2,830.71 and the Nasdaq was down 284.6 points, or 3.20 per cent, at 8,604.95.

Trump threatens retaliation against U.S. stock Musk's big mouth stakes Tesla down more than 10 percent

The Nasdaq is down 284.6 points at 8,604.95.

Major U.S. tech giants fell across the board, with Facebook down 1.19 percent, Amazon down 7.6 percent, Apple down 1.61 percent, NetFlix down 1.09 percent, Alphabet down 2.08 percent and Microsoft down 2.59 percent.

China’s major technology stocks fell across the board, with NetEase down 5.69 per cent, Aichi Duo down 3.59 per cent, Ping Duo down 4.24 per cent, Weibo down 6.79 per cent, Tencent Music down 6.05 per cent, Alibaba down 4.04 per cent, down 3.99 per cent, Baidu down 4.86 per cent and E.J.

Share price of China General Stock

The broadmajority decline in other Chinese stocks included: Leco (up 5.78%), Titanium (up 2.42%), Small Win Technology (up 1.06%), Lanting Set (up 0.91%), Touch (up 0.85%), 500 Lottery Network (up 0.69%), Maverick Electric (up 0.59%).

Companies that were flat on the previous trading day included: 360 Finance and Group Cars.

Companies that fell included the financial sector (down 0.21%), The Housing (down 0.96%), fluent (down 1.31%), Microloan Network (down 1.33%), Temple Bank (down 1.57%), 58 Tongcheng (down 1.58%), and Huami (down 1.58%) Down 1.9%, Renren (down 2.35%), Phoenix New Media (down 2.8%), Sina (down 2.81%), Xinfu (down 2.95%), SMIC (down 3.26%), UT Starcom (down 3.63%), Worry-free English (down 3.79%), future worry-free (down 3.87%), easy car network (down 4.36%), Yunmi (down 4.47%), Zhongtong (down 4.54%), Onlywill (down 4.58%), Baxter (down 4.66%), 1 Drug Net (down 4.87%), Cheetah Mobile (down 4.88%), Sogou (down 5.06%), Century Internet (down 5.74%), Zhengbao Education (down 5.8%), NetEase (down 5.87%), New Oriental (down 5.91%) %) vs. Who To learn (down 5.92%), Ctrip (down 6.21%), Jane Pu Technology (down 6.24%), Pleasant Loan (down 6.33%), Futo holdings (down 6.37%), NIO (down 6.74%), Tiger Tooth (down 6.74%) Down 6.9 per cent), Tuan (down 7.13 per cent), Xinye Technology (down 7.29%), Fun Store (down 7.51%), Tiger Securities (down 7.53%), Fighting Fish (down 7.77%), Good Future (down 7.92%), Beep Mile (down 8.21%), Han Holdings (down 8.77%), Dane Technology (down 8.82%), LeShin (down 9.37%), Auto Home (down 9.64%), Baozun E-Commerce (down 9.99%), Stranger Things (down 1. 0.51%), Youxin (down 10.56%), Sohu (down 10.73%), Jianan Technology (down 11.2%), Medi-Up Street (down 11.39%), Gathering (down 11.6%), Happy Group (down 12.65%), Thunderbolt (down 13.66%)

Trump threatens retaliation against U.S. stock Musk's big mouth stakes Tesla down more than 10 percent

Alibaba shares fall below 50-day moving average

Since the strong rebound at a low of $169.95 on March 23, Alibaba’s share price has fallen in seven of the past 10 trading days. In regular trading today, Alibaba shares fell $8.19, or 4.04 percent, to $194.48, after hitting an intraday low of $192.86, 24 percent above average. Volume, with share prices falling below the 50-day moving average, is a clear exit point for growth investors, especially if the share price has already increased significantly in the early days. In addition, Alibaba’s stock is doing well, even today’s low of $192.86 is only 16% below its 52-week high of $231.4. Alibaba’s stock trend has taken shape as a cup holder, but it is not close to a $0.1 price above the $216.1 level. According to IBD, Alibaba’s overall score (up to 99) is 98. Typically, with a rating of 95, the likelihood of a new high is much higher. Wall Street expects Alibaba revenue to grow 9 percent in the first quarter and profits down 33 percent to $0.86 per share. But analysts expect Alibaba’s profit to fall just 1 percent in the second quarter and 8 percent and 10 percent in the third and fourth quarters, according to FactSet, which continues to resume production in all industries.

Trump threatens retaliation against U.S. stock Musk's big mouth stakes Tesla down more than 10 percent

Multiple indicators indicate that the product is one of the most promising value stocks on the market

The company is a noteworthy company, with market research firm Zacks rating its shares as “buy” and its value as “A”, representing one of the highest quality value stocks on the market. One thing investors should be aware of is that the market-to-book ratio is 3.49 times. The capital ization ratio is the ratio of a company’s market value to net book value (total assets minus total debt). The average price-to-book ratio of the industry in which the product is located is 4.38 times, indicating that its market-to-book ratio is still quite attractive. Over the past 12 months, the net price ratio of the stock has varied between 1.49 times and 3.93 times, with a median of 2.63 times. Investors should also be concerned that the market is 16 times. The market now rate takes into account the operating cash flow of the business and can be used to identify stocks that are undervalued compared to solid cash flow. The market now rate of the industry in which the product will be located is 27.54 times. Over the past 12 months, the market-now rate has changed between 8.43 and 18.02 times, with a median of 12.7 times. Of course, value investors may not only be concerned about these indicators, but they suggest that the current product value will be underestimated. Given its future earnings outlook, it is arguably one of the most promising value stocks on the market.

U.S./Foreign Technology Stocks

Other foreign technology stocks fell, with risers including Activision Blizzard (up 1.55 per cent), Fibit (up 1.2 per cent) and Nokia (up 0.56 per cent).

Companies that fell included Yidian (down 0.87%), Yelp (down 0.89%), Slack (down 1.16%), SAP (down 1.32%), eBay (down 1.46%), Groupon (down 1.6%) Ericsson (down 1.65%), Symantec (down 1.93%), PayPal (down 1.94%), Oracle (down 2.23%), Sony (down 2.37%), iRobot (down 2.56%), Adobe (down 2.77%), Twitter (down 2.93%), IBM (down 2.94%), Nvidia (down 3.25%), Salesforce (down 3.45%), Cisco (down 3.45%), Motorola Systems (down 3.46%), Zynga (down 3.85%), Qualcomm (down 3.85%), NXP (down 4.09%) (Intel down 4.18%), Broadway (down 4.18%), Broadway (34%) Pinterest (down 4.4%), Spotify (down 4.44%), Snap (down 4.66%), VMware (down 4.7%, AMD 4.79%), BlackBerry (down 4.91%), Box (down 5.14%), Hewlett-Packard (down 5.16%), Lending Club (down 5.35%), Micron (down 5.91%), Uber (down 6.21%), GoPro (2.26%) Dell Technologies (down 6.3 per cent), Lyft (down 9.82 per cent), Tesla (down 10.3 per cent), Speedgold (down 11.45 per cent) and Western Digital (down 12.15 per cent).

Trump threatens retaliation against U.S. stock Musk's big mouth stakes Tesla down more than 10 percent

Musk tweets that share price is too high, Tesla down more than 10%

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Friday that the company’s share price was “too high” and that Tesla’s share price was down. Tesla shares fell $80.56, or 10.3 percent, to $701.32 in regular trading today, having briefly bottomed out at $683.04. Before Musk’s tweet, Tesla had a market capitalisation of about $141 billion, which had shrunk to $129 billion after the close. Musk’s personal assets have also evaporated by about $3 billion. Tesla’s shares have risen 202 per cent in the past 12 months, nearly 35 per cent in the past three months, while the Standard and Poor’s 500 index has fallen nearly 10 per cent in the past 12 months and 10 per cent in the past three months. Musk also renewed his call for the economy to be reopened. “We think these statements are joking and typical of Musk’s style, but it’s bound to cause trouble for investors,” Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, said in an email. Musk told the Wall Street Journal that he wasn’t joking, but didn’t double-check his tweets. Musk said in May 2017 that the $50 billion market cap exceeded the company’s supposed level.

Trump threatens retaliation against U.S. stock Musk's big mouth stakes Tesla down more than 10 percent

Shares fall as analysts raise Amazon’s target share price

Wall Street analysts raised Amazon’s target share price Friday, despite mixed first-quarter results. In regular trading today, Amazon shares fell $187.96, or 7.6 percent, to $2,286.04. Despite today’s decline, Amazon’s share price is still about 5 percent above the $2186.5 point. Amazon’s share price hit a new high yesterday and is still in the buying zone with a ceiling of $2,295.35. While Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said operating expenses would rise by about $4 billion in the second quarter due to the new crown outbreak, analysts didn’t seem to care. “We believe that Amazon is the ultimate home-based segregated stock,” said Shebly Seyrafi, an analyst at FBN Securities, in an investment note. He maintained his “win-over” rating on Amazon shares and raised his target price to $2,550 from $2,200. Several Wall Street analysts have set Amazon’s target price at between $2,550 and $3,000. “During the outbreak, Amazon proved itself as indispensable in delivering groceries to consumers across the country, with a further increase in the number of users and a stronger business after the crisis,” said Brian White, an analyst at Monness Crespi and Hardt. He maintained his “buy” rating on Amazon shares and raised his target price to $2,800 from $2,650.