Workers at Amazon/Instacart companies strike, calling for more protections

On May 1, workers from Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart, FedEx, Target and Wal-Mart joined forces to take a series of strikes to protest the impact on workers’ work environments and equipment as the new corona outbreak continues,media Outlet The Verge reported. These actions are organized by a series of groups within the company, but at the same time as International Labour Day. These groups encourage customers to boycott stores and services during the day.

Workers at Amazon/Instacart companies strike, calling for more protections

Amazon organizers say thousands of employees are involved across the country. Organizers are calling for better practices and equipment to protect front-line workers from infection at work. The specificcontent of these protections varies from company to company and job. Workers at Instacart are calling for better distribution of personal protective goods, or PPEs, while workers at Whole Foods are calling for a 14-day shutdown of supermarkets with positive cases.

Amazon’s takeaway service partners require professional cleaners to disinfect vehicles at the end of each shift. Currently, Amazon provides cleaning supplies to drivers and requires them to disinfect their vehicles themselves.

Amazon declined to disclose the number of employees who tested positive for COVID-19, and only informed the affected employees of individual cases. As part of Friday’s action, Amazon employees are protesting the practice and calling on the company to “be transparent and honest about the number of cases at its facilities.” “

Earlier this month, Amazon implemented new policies to protect workers from the virus, including two weeks of paid sick leave and unlimited unpaid leave for employees believed to be at risk of contracting the virus. However, the implementation of these policies has not been balanced, and the wider uncertainty has exacerbated further organizational work within the company.

“Are you under pressure to falsify or tamper with any health records?” “An organizational document distributed among Whole Foods employees reads. “Did your leaders put store sales and tight labor budgets aside and put your health and welfare first?” “

Amazon rejected organizers’ claims that employees lack the resources to work safely, noting that the increase in paid vacation time and personal protective equipment in the workplace has been increased. “Masks, temperature checks, hand disinfectants, increased breaks, wage increases, etc. are already standard on our Amazon and Whole Foods supermarket networks,” the company said. “We look every day at what else Amazon can do to keep our employees and communities safe and healthy. “