Google updates its community mobility report to help understand people’s compliance with the blockade

Keeping a social distance is key to stopping the spread of the new corona virus, and about a month after Google released a report on the movement of people in the community based on anonymous aggregated data they collect from smartphone apps such as Google Maps, to help citizens and policy advisers understand how people are complying with the blockades, according tomedia MSPoweruser.

Google updates its community mobility report to help understand people's compliance with the blockade

Community Mobility Reports map population movement trends over a geographic period, covering different categories of locations such as retail and entertainment, grocery stores and pharmacies, parks, transit stations, workplaces, and residences, by geographic region.

Unlike Apple’s report, Google doesn’t update data every day, but it seems they’ve just released an updated dataset covering a large number of countries and cities in those countries.

With the advent of “isolation fatigue” and the end of countless official and protest movements, these data give us an interesting snapshot of the greatest public health experiment of all time.