Musk says “Tesla’s stock price is too high” to wip $14 billion off the company’s market value

“In my opinion, Tesla’s share price is too high,” said Tesla’s share price, which wiped $14 billion off its market value after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s May 1 tweet. On top of that, Musk tweeted several “strange” tweets.

“I will sell almost all of my tangible property, i will not own the property. “

“In my opinion, Tesla’s share price is too high”

“Give freedom back to people now.”

He later tweeted several lyrics to the American national anthem.

RT said the most infuriating and controversial of the series of “inexplicable” tweets was the “Tesla stock is too high.”

Some netizens slam Musk as an “arrogant asshole.” I’s s

“You’re such an arrogant asshole. You hurt people’s lives through these irresponsible comments… I will never support anything that is relevant to you, never. “

Other netizens criticized Musk’s tweets for affecting the stock price and causing pain. I’s s

“You said you wanted to maximize people’s well-being, but this tweet was a huge pain. Why are you doing this? “

There are also netizens criticized him as trying to manipulate the stock price, buy back the stock. I’s s

“It’s a good idea to tweet and trigger a trading panic and then buy back your own stock at a better price. “

Musk’s tweets immediately sent Tesla’s stock down more than 11 percent, RT reported. According to the BBC, Musk’s tweets directly wiped $14 billion off Tesla’s market value.