“Spoon” headlights goodbye BMW’s new 5 Series frontphoto debut

The seventh-generation BMW 5 Series, currently on sale, has reached the point of mid-term changes since its launch in 2017. Some of the official figures of the new BMW 5 Series have been unveiled before. Recently, there aremedia for the first time exposed the mid-term BMW 5 Series of the front photo. From the picture, the mid-term BMW 5 Series front face ushered in a huge change, the most conspicuous is the cancellation of the “spoon” headlights, replaced with the latest double L” headlights, which is also BMW’s new design elements, is expected to be later in the more models.

It is worth mentioning that the modified 5 series of intake grille has not been further increased, basically in line with the current model. However, the perimeter is wrapped in chrome-plated elements, the overall more refined fashion.

Mid-term modified BMW 5-series officer map

In the fog-lighting area, the new car features a design element similar to that of the 7-series, which is further sized. The front face as a whole is more and more like its Big Brother 7 series. In addition to the new car more stylish appearance, but also added a lot of sense of grade.

On the side of the body, the modified 5-series waist line is more simple and sharp, while the tail lights are also more flat, the car’s sports style is more distinct.

It is worth noting that themedia exposure of the picture, you can also see the modified 5 series and a single sunroof version of the model, while the domestic sale of the 5 series are panoramic skylight. In terms of seats, both the new car and the current 5 Series are Nappa leather seats.

Power part, according tomedia forecast, BMW’s new 5 series is still expected to be fully equipped with 2.0T four-cylinder engine, the maximum power is 135kW, 185kW, transmission are matched with 8 gears of self-contained transmission. There are also two-wheel drive and 4WD options.