Google Stadia may soon add chat

For years, Google has been notorious for constantly creating and “killing” messaging apps, although that’s largely because it’s putting messaging into apps that might or might not be useful, such as YouTube. Now, Google is preparing to put messaging into another app, Stadia.

When you’re playing Google Stadia, there are only two ways to chat with your friends— chat with the game’s built-in voice, or through Stadia’s own cross-game party voice system. If you just want to send a simple message to your friends, you need to contact them through another app.

Google Stadia may soon add chat

Simple messaging has been a core part of the gaming platform for more than a decade. In many ways, it’s surprising that Stadia doesn’t have this minimal messaging feature, and that may seem likely to change.

The 2.16 version of Stadia has been posted on the Play Store’s code this week, and we’ve found a lot of references to messages and chats.

There are quite a few new content mentioned “chat”, “dialogue”, send “direct message” and other functions, all of which appear in the development process of keywords, all of which strongly point to Stadia to get a complete in-app messaging experience, some of the key words include:

Message record panel title

SMS Chat

Get chat history in bulk

Chat information


Session view model

Create a chat message



Enable TextFlagChat

We’ve also discovered a new privacy setting – a new privacy setting was added in a previous release, but it hasn’t been provided yet, and it’s pretty clear that people are able to send you “chat messages.”

While the idea of “another Google Messaging app” is enough to make some people slot, to be honest, Stadia is the best candidate for a messaging app that allows players to stay in touch without relying solely on voice chat.

Given that many, if not most, of Stadia’s players already have the app installed on their phones, it makes sense for Stadia’s messaging feature to be rolled out here. Nevertheless, the feature seems to be in its early stages, so we don’t expect Stadia’s chat feature to be available soon.