Tesla Model Y will be sold for less than 400,000 yuan next year

There’s nothing like the recent hot topic in the car ring than the Tesla Model 3’s renewed price adjustment. In the state to enjoy the new energy vehicles to enjoy the promotion of subsidies, its pre-subsidy price must be less than 300,000 yuan. Tesla, in response to the new rules, cut the price of the subsidized domestic Model 3 to 271.55 million yuan. In response to this many old car owners voice, Tesla repeatedly cut prices, old car owners as leeks cut one after another.

Tesla’s second domestic model, the Model Y, is also in the spotlight after the price increase. Recently, Tesla’s vice president of external affairs, Tao Lin, said that the domestic Model Y is expected to be available next year.

And from the Model 3 domestic version of the price than the imported version of more than 20% lower, in the future, with Tesla’s domestic parts supply ratio increased, its selling price will be further explored, is expected to reach less than 400,000 yuan.

As early as January 7 this year, the Shanghai Super factory home-made Model 3 delivery ceremony, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the launch of the Model Y domestic project.

Musk said model Y’s goal is to build an SUV that everyone can afford, and the Model 3 was designed to build a family car that everyone can afford.

Currently, the Tesla Model Y is sold in China as an import, starting at 488,000 yuan. There are rear drive long-range version (444,000 yuan), dual-motor all-wheel drive long-range version (488,000 yuan), dual-motor all-wheel drive high-performance version of the model (535,000 yuan).

In terms of power and battery life, the Model Y long-range WLTP has a range of 505km, a high-performance version of 480km and a 100km acceleration time of 3.7 seconds. In terms of power and body size, the Model Y can be seen as the SUV version of the Model 3.

In addition, recent media reports, Tesla and The Ninder era in the battery has also been co-operating, the domestic Model Y will use the Ningde era battery, as one of the most expensive parts of electric vehicles, battery localization, is expected to drive the car price further decline.

Tesla Model Y will be sold for less than 400,000 yuan next year